SalesRocket is a self-paced, virtual program taught by Jeff Glover, the #1 producing real estate coach in North America. Master today's sales skills, generate and convert more leads, implement proven, scalable systems, and watch your transactions skyrocket. 

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Learn the foundational sales skills required to excel and establish yourself as a top agent.


Learn how to leverage all of the best sources for finding leads and start taking more listings.


Learn the exact proven systems that Jeff and his team use to run a smooth transaction, from start to finish.


Unlock your potential as a real estate agent with SalesRocket virtual training program (it's the secret to Jeff Glover's own team's success, as they boast the highest per-agent production in the state). Outperform other agents in your market with the skills, leads, and systems of top producers.


SalesRocket will provide you with all the tools you need to generate and convert more leads, and implement systems that will allow your real estate business to grow and scale. Get into production faster and continue to increase your transactions, day after day.


Sneak peek a short sample of one of the 33 SalesRocket sessions taught by Jeff Glover.

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33 pre-recorded video sessions with assignments to take action on and a quiz following each session.


Sessions range in length from 30-60 minutes each. Your progress within the program is self-paced.


33 virtual sessions, hosted on this site, and a 300-page virtual workbook.



1. Expert Insights: SalesRocket is taught by Jeff Glover, founder of Glover U and leader of the #1 real estate team in Michigan. Jeff has been in real estate for over 20 years and has averaged over 100 homes sold per year personally for the last 10 years in a row. His team has the highest per agent production in their state - averaging over 31 transactions per agent! 

2. Comprehensive Sales System: SalesRocket is Jeff Glover's own comprehensive sales system, and now it's available to you! It includes everything from his top 25 sources of business and how to convert each source, to social media and digital marketing, to business planning and everything in between.

3. Workbook, Homework & Quizzes: A 300+ page SalesRocket virtual (pdf download) workbook is provided for each session. All 33 sessions are included in the workbook with homework assignments. Each virtual session ends with an online quiz to test your skills and cement what you've learned.

4. Resources: We've included all the scrips, daily contact log, and business plan right in the workbook, so everything is in one place! The SalesRocket workbook will become your real estate business growth bible. 


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  1. Introduction
  2. Laying The Foundation
  3. The Realities Of Real Estate
  4. Goal Setting
  5. Business Planning
  6. Presentation Skills
  7. Mastering Scripts and Dialogues
  8. Time Management
  9. Top 25 Sources of Business
  10. Building & Working Your Database
  11. Expired Listing Business
  12. For Sale By Owners Business
  13. Circle Prospecting Business
  14. Internet Leads & Online Lead Generation
  15. Lead Follow Up & Lead Conversion
  16. Pre-Qualifying & Pre-Listing Package
  17. Traits Of A Top Listing Agent
  18. Listing Presentation Script & Live Listing Presentation
  19. Pricing Property & Price Reductions
  20. Handling Seller Objections
  21. Communication Styles
  22. Versatility
  23. Buyer Lead Generation
  24. Buyer Consultation & Showing Process
  25. Live Buyer Consultation
  26. The Offer Consultation
  27. Handling Buyer Objections
  28. Open Houses
  29. Door Knocking
  30. Closing & Negotiating Techniques
  31. Social Media & Digital Marketing
  32. Writing Copy
  33. Creating An Unreal Customer Experience

BONUS: Resources and scripts


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Develop your skills, generate more leads, implement scalable systems, grow your business. And do it all on your own time.

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